Section C

Introduction to Input and Output from files, Annotations, Converstion between numbers and strings, Enumerations, Graphical User Interfaces, Multithreading, and the Internet.

Week 9

The lecture will cover input and output from files.

In the lab, you will add the ability to enter items, friends and loans into your library program.

Week 10

The lectures will cover multitasking, telling the computer to do more than one thing at a time

In the lab, you will refactor the input and the output so that each of the classes prints and reads itself rather than having the input/output class print and read the classes.

Week 11

The lectures will cover Applets, Java programs that can be delivered over the internet into a browser.

In the lab, you will implement the ablity to save and load your database.

Week 12

The lectures will begin our exploration of Graphical User Interfaces using Swing.

In the lab, we will add a command line interface to our library.