Section A

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, Java and Tools for writing Java Programs

Week 1

In the lecture we will cover most of Java. This is easy because, Java control is almost the same as C.

In the lab, you will work with a scrapbook page to try out the Java controls.

Week 2

In Lecture, we will be discussing object oriented techniques in general showing object oriented programming in different languages, we will also be covering the use of Git in Eclipse.

In Week 2's practical exercise, you will develop a simple class that represents a geometical points. A point has an x position and a y position. It can be created and moved.

Week 3

In the lectures we will be discussing inheritance and polymorphism. We will introduce Unified Modeling Language (UML) class diagrams.

The practical exercise for the third week will be to set up Git for Eclipse. You will write a circle object that uses the point object.

Week 4

The lecture in the fourth week will cover packages, the qay Java manages name collistions in libraries.

The fourth week's practical exercise will be to write a polygon object and arrange to have circles, squares and rectangles.