Section B

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, Generalization, Interfaces, Packages, Exceptions, Input from the console and Output to the console.

Week 5

In the lecture we will cover interfaces. Interfaces let you specify attributes of classes than cannot be captured by super classes

In the lab, you will continue work on the shapes project.

Week 6

In Lecture, we will be discuss packages. Packages let you create libraries by giving you a separate namespace, that is, a set of names that is distinct from all of the names aready in use.

In the lab, you will add an interface to some of the shapes that allow them to be compared.

Week 7

The lecture will cover exceptions. Exceptions are a way of catching errors and handeling them in your program

In the lab, you will start a new program that helps keep track of things you lend to friends.

Week 8

The lecture in the fourth week will cover multithreading. Multithreading lets the computer attend to more than one thing at a time.

In Lab, you will add Exception to the constructors in the shapes program so they will throw and exception when the points do not form the correct type of shape.